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We are pleased to once again offer instructional swim lessons to children ages four and older.  American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors teach a variety of strokes, address water safety issues, introduce diving techniques and help kids to learn to love the water.

If you have questions about which level your child should sign up for, please call Ann O'Hearn at 333-3507.  She willl answer any questions you have and guide you to the right lesson for your kids!

Registration Information
  • You may register for one session per child until June 21, at which point we will open registration for families interested in extra sessions.
  • We will accept online registrations until one week prior to the start of class. At that time please call Treasure Island to see whether there is space available.

Swim Levels
Level 1: “Introduction to Water Skills”
Students learn to enter the water, open eyes, blow bubbles, learn the front and back floats (with support), learn to turn over from front to back and vice versa (with support), and learn to use arm and leg motions while swimming on their front and back (with support).

Level 2: “Fundamental Aquatic Skills”
Students learn to jump into water, submerge their entire head, front and back floats (without support), and learn front and back swimming with arms and legs (without support) for a distance of about 15 feet. They also work on rolling over and changing directions while swimming, and learn to tread water.

Level 3: “Stroke Development”
Students learn to jump into deep water, go underwater and pick up sticks from the bottom, learn beginning front crawl breathing, learn specialty floats on front and back, learn multiple kicks on front and back, focus of front and back crawls (with emphasis on front crawl breathing), and treading water in deep water.

Level 4: “Stroke Improvement”
Diving, swimming underwater, surface diving, front and back floats in deep water, more advanced treading water, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and the sidestroke kick. This class often utilizes the deep water white rafts, and students alternate swimming in deep and shallow water.

Level 5: “Stroke Refinement”
Shallow Diving with swim off, underwater swimming (15 yds), more advanced surface dives, longer specialty floats front and back, survival swimming, front crawl (50 yds), back crawl (50 yds), elementary backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, (refining all strokes), and begin to learn rescue breathing.

Level 6: “Fitness Swimmer”, or “Personal Water Safety”, or “Lifeguard Readiness”
This class is designed to keep students interested in swimming for its own sake, and/until they reach age 15 when the American Red Cross offers Lifeguard Training. All level 6 modules cover front and back crawl (100 yds), breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke, sidestroke (50 yds), and open turns – all strokes. Students work on and up to swimming 500 yards continuously using all strokes. Also, skills are covered in each specialty area as identified in the above captions.

GuardStart: “Pre-Lifeguard Training”
This class is offered for ages 11-14, and covers swimming, rescue skills training, water safety topics, and responsibilities included in a lifeguard job. Other skill-building includes decision-making, communicating with others, and self-control.

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